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Summary: He feels free on the edges of these small towns, unafraid that people will judge him for how he behaves or what his past is. It’s just him, his performances, the vast, sprawling prairie, and the sky. Clint is fifteen but he feels endless, as much a part of the landscape as the yearly blizzards and the miles of sunflowers they pass by as they move from town to town, never staying anywhere too long. In which Clint and Bruce are both from the Midwest and connect over the place that they call home.

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe with a dash here and there of comics canon that I thought fit into the characterization of MCU Clint and Bruce

Pairing: Bruce/Clint at the very end

Content Warnings: Child abuse, Implied underage sex with one party being much older than the other, Dissociation

Link on ao3

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hang your hat at somebody else’s house: Something is deeply wrong with the world and it’s making Dennis very sick. 1200 words.

love me cancerously: Dennis visits Dee after she’s been institutionalized for setting her roommate on fire. 900 words.

i will blow air into your open mouth: Mac didn’t always check in every day. 1400 words.

blood, guts, and chocolate cake: Tomorrow she’ll go to school with her head high. Tomorrow she’ll do her eyeliner just right and she won’t eat lunch. Tomorrow she won’t cry in the bathroom and she won’t hide from Bill Ponderosa and she won’t answer to the name Aluminum Monster. Tomorrow the ever-present revving engine inside her will slow down enough for her to be poised, kind, and calm. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. 2000 words.

put a little love here in my void: On bad days, when Dennis has transformed from himself into a coiled spring of pure rage, the only thing that helps is to restrain him. 500 words.

I Feel So Proud When the Reckoning Arrives: In the aftermath of Charlie Rules the World, Dennis remains convinced that he is God and sets out to proselytize the gospel of himself. (incomplete) 4000 words.

tell me that you’re alright: “Mac,” Dennis said. “Do you ever miss having feelings?” 7600 words.

Den Bortkomne Sauen: When his friends ask how his layover in Fargo was, he doesn’t mention the sky or the snow or the rum or the beauty of feeling his entire body grow as numb as the rest of him. He simply says, “North Dakota changed me,” and lets them piece together the rest of the story for themselves. 1600 words.
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This will be sans the 'Checking In' series which I think deserves a post of its own.

I’ll Tell You My Sins and You Can Sharpen Your Knife: 30 kisses for Mac and Dennis. Incomplete.

22 Short Fics for Rhonda MacDonald: A character study. Part one of It’s Never Cloudy in Philadelphia.

you will be the death of me: The first step is cleaning the knife. She keeps a carving knife special for occasions like this, locked away in a drawer with her own psychological file. It shines when it’s unearthed, sharp, and rarely used, but Denise likes to clean it anyway. She likes to be able to see her reflection in the stainless steel blade. Part two of It’s Never Cloudy in Philadelphia.

Charlie Killed the Health Inspector: Charlie takes matters into his own hands when the health inspector, appalled by Paddy’s Pub’s terrible standards of cleanliness, attempts to shut down the bar. Unfortunately, this means that the gang now has to deal with hiding a dead body, evading the police, and trying not to kill each other as they process that they’ve murdered someone else.

The 'No Homo' series: A remarkable MacDennis series that explores how toxic masculinity interplays with internalized homophobia. . .just kidding it's Mac and Dennis fucking each other while trying to justify why it's not gay.

Rhonda Fights Gay Marriage and Denise Gets Divorced: Marriage goes to the forefront of everyone's minds when Rhonda runs into an old friend, Jaime, whose spouse is a woman. Rhonda sets out to save the institution; everyone else demonstrates why no one in the gang should go anywhere near a marriage certificate.

Dennis Reynolds: Power, Masochism, and the Nature of the Cumslut: "Kim, come here, I wrote you a three page treatise on why Dennis Reynolds is a cumslut."

Schrödinger's Kiss: If two guys kiss and no one talks about it, is it still gay?

after the last midtown show: Dennis and Mac kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, 1993.

Dennis Reynolds, Queerness, and Toxic Masculinity: My long-awaited dissertation on why Dennis Reynolds is good queer representation.

I've Become So Numb: Dennis writes self-insert fanfiction about "Dan Rynolds" banging Patrick Bateman.

i feel numb most of the time: On her worst days, the ideas other people have about Denise Reynolds are all that keep her tethered to the notion that she is actually here.

swear to god the devil made me do it: Dennis slid his hand over to Mac’s, and squeezed it tight. “We don’t need to talk about this or analyze it too much. Let’s just. . .keep quiet for the rest of the night. Allow the moment to be what it is." A series of short fics about Mac and Dennis.

Dennis Reynolds: Not Crazy, Misunderstood: After letting some possibly damning details slip about my personal life, I have decided to engage with them rather than trying to cover them up. Mystery lends itself to filling in the gaps with ridiculous things. It is time to tell my story - feel grateful, dear followers, that you get to read this before the publication of my autobiography: Dennis Reynolds: How One Man Blossomed into a God.
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she’s the one that they call old whatsername: Newt’s first memory is her mother singing opera in the shower. Mozart echoes down the hallway to where she is playing with a plastic triceratops in her room The dinosaur is tearing up a town made out of Legos in time with the music. This sets a precedent for the rest of her life. Part one of Polaroids.

i eat boys up for breakfast and lunch: Five times Newt and Mako were friends or: it’s nice to have a sister in the Shatterdome. Part two of Polaroids.

The Letters of Najda Geiszler and Hedda Gottlieb: A story about two unreliable narrators told through coffee stained letters, snarky comments on academic papers, and Polaroid photographs captioned with a permanent marker. Or: how Newt and Hedda proved multiverse theory and then fell in love. WIP. Part three of Polaroids.

Dance With Me: Operation Pitfall fails. Two Jaegers go into the ocean, none leave, and a Category 5 Kaiju is on its way towards Hong Kong.
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it's our party: we can love who we want: GOB and Tony go to Pride.

Why Don't We Break the Rules Already?: When he moved downwards to blow GOB, the two long, thin scars revealed themselves, one on each thigh. Each extended from his crotch to his knee. It hadn’t occurred to Tony until this moment how “same” they might not be after all.

My Friends and I, We’ve Cracked the Code: GOB Bluth thinks he has all the answers after his encounter with Tony Wonder reveals to him that he’s gay. The answer is to be offensively flamboyant, and to have as much gay sex as possible to prove himself.

I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me: AU: GOB pays his dues to magic in his twenties by being Tony Wonder’s assistant. The rest is history. Multi-chaptered, currently incomplete.

Sinnerman, Where You Gonna Run To?: Maeby is on the run with her girlfriend from prison, Big Mamma. On their way to Las Vegas, they stop at a hotel for the night.

Some Nights I’m Scared You’ll Forget Me Again: Smoke curls inside GOB’s lungs, matching with the spiky feelings inside of him, like some bizarre Gothic Castle is growing in his heart. He’s sandwiched between something that’s telling him to stay and die a little older and the crushing force that follows him everywhere, telling him to run, telling him to drive fast and far, far away, telling him to fuck and smoke and gamble to escape the dark. - Character study: Bipolar GOB.

A Trick is Something a Whore Does For Money: Crossposted from the kink meme- GOB doesn’t just just drive the limo and do illusions for the entourage. He turns tricks as well.
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This is my masterpost of Community fic that I have written. I unfortunately orphaned some of the pornographic ones during a manic episode but they are all definitely mine!


Flip on a Switch and Everything's Fine: Abed wants Troy (his best friend) and Hilda (his girlfriend) to be friends. Neither of them like this one bit.

I Try and Just Kick It, But What Can I Do?: In which there are overnight astronomy field trips and Deep Questions that lead to a bisexual epiphany.

In Which Sex Pollen Made Them Do It: Troy and Abed roleplay a sex pollen scenario in the Dreamatorium.

Don’t Eat the Crab Dip: Abed’s nonchalant behavior in the face of competition is making Troy more than a little hot and bothered. In between school that day and the STD fair, Troy goes home to work off some steam in the shower. A fill in the blanks for The Politics of Human Sexuality.

No One Can Kill You if You Smile: The first time Troy runs into Abed, he’s in the ER with two dislocated shoulders. Abed wants his story. Episode remix of 4.12 (Heroic Origins).

we’ll put in a syncopation, and we’ll add a quarter note: Troy and Abed do a lot of weird things together, so it makes sense that the soundtrack of their life contains the most random music ever. And if most of those songs are from musicals-well, there are worse genres their life could be. Songfic Drabble Challenge: put an MP3 player on shuffle, and write for a half an hour to the songs that come up.

oh the snow, it sparkles so: It’s snowing in the early hours of the morning on the day that Troy gets married. Abed can’t quite figure out what it means. Part 1 of Snapshots of Life after Greendale. Companion piece to scioscribe’s Auteur Theory.

The Anecdote of Chasing the Location to Your Door: Troy and Abed see each other again years after graduation. Part 2 of Snapshots of Life after Greendale.

Whatever Happened to Tuesday and So Slow: 30 kisses for Troy and Abed. Currently incomplete.

Ok, Now I’m Really Mad: Post Paradigms of Human Memory Troy’s sexually frustrated from not touching himself all semester. Abed helps him out.

the place where you can still remember dreaming: Troy/Abed- Peter Pan Dreamatorium smut fusion. “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” J.M. Barrie. Written for Porn Battle 2013.

how the others must see the faker: In which Troy and Abed watch Freaky Friday and accidentally end up switching bodies for a day.Written for Yuletide 2012.

This Has Been: “A Stupid Thought I Had to Share with All of You”: In which the folks from Greendale are in the Kickpuncher fandom and it causes about as much trouble as you’d expect.

Let’s Go Film the Sex Scene: Troy and Abed film the Kickpuncher sex scene.

they slip away across the universe: Abed accidentally gets turned into a half ghost.

The Proposal: Abed proposes while they rewatch Star Wars. Part one of #TroyandAbedGettingMarried

Invitations: Abed and Troy invite people to the wedding. Part two of #TroyandAbedGettingMarried


It’s a Small World After All: The Study Group gets stuck on a ride at Disney World.

What If?: Prompt- Shirley, Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.

Advanced Felt Surrogacy: The truth of the matter was, they were silent because things had gone sour as they always had- in deeply weird and disturbingly sexual ways. Or: what if the reason everyone needed to open up in Intro to Felt Surrogacy was because they had all accidentally had an orgy in the woods.

the magic continues, and that’s good enough: Greendale is the crappiest wizarding school ever, but at least it’s all inclusive. These are some vignettes about Greendale and its students. Lengths, ships, and ratings will vary. Incomplete.

Studies in Contemporary Adulthood: Abed disassembles the Dreamatorium.

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 Hello Everyone!

I'm several years behind on posting my fanfiction to dreamwidth. While I won't post entire fics, I will crosspost titles and summaries individually and tag them properly with links to ao3. I no longer have a tumblr account so I will be operating from here (as well as from biohazard_girl on LJ) for the time being.

For an archived version of what I have been doing over the last several years, you can head over to


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