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hang your hat at somebody else’s house: Something is deeply wrong with the world and it’s making Dennis very sick. 1200 words.

love me cancerously: Dennis visits Dee after she’s been institutionalized for setting her roommate on fire. 900 words.

i will blow air into your open mouth: Mac didn’t always check in every day. 1400 words.

blood, guts, and chocolate cake: Tomorrow she’ll go to school with her head high. Tomorrow she’ll do her eyeliner just right and she won’t eat lunch. Tomorrow she won’t cry in the bathroom and she won’t hide from Bill Ponderosa and she won’t answer to the name Aluminum Monster. Tomorrow the ever-present revving engine inside her will slow down enough for her to be poised, kind, and calm. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. 2000 words.

put a little love here in my void: On bad days, when Dennis has transformed from himself into a coiled spring of pure rage, the only thing that helps is to restrain him. 500 words.

I Feel So Proud When the Reckoning Arrives: In the aftermath of Charlie Rules the World, Dennis remains convinced that he is God and sets out to proselytize the gospel of himself. (incomplete) 4000 words.

tell me that you’re alright: “Mac,” Dennis said. “Do you ever miss having feelings?” 7600 words.

Den Bortkomne Sauen: When his friends ask how his layover in Fargo was, he doesn’t mention the sky or the snow or the rum or the beauty of feeling his entire body grow as numb as the rest of him. He simply says, “North Dakota changed me,” and lets them piece together the rest of the story for themselves. 1600 words.


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