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This will be sans the 'Checking In' series which I think deserves a post of its own.

I’ll Tell You My Sins and You Can Sharpen Your Knife: 30 kisses for Mac and Dennis. Incomplete.

22 Short Fics for Rhonda MacDonald: A character study. Part one of It’s Never Cloudy in Philadelphia.

you will be the death of me: The first step is cleaning the knife. She keeps a carving knife special for occasions like this, locked away in a drawer with her own psychological file. It shines when it’s unearthed, sharp, and rarely used, but Denise likes to clean it anyway. She likes to be able to see her reflection in the stainless steel blade. Part two of It’s Never Cloudy in Philadelphia.

Charlie Killed the Health Inspector: Charlie takes matters into his own hands when the health inspector, appalled by Paddy’s Pub’s terrible standards of cleanliness, attempts to shut down the bar. Unfortunately, this means that the gang now has to deal with hiding a dead body, evading the police, and trying not to kill each other as they process that they’ve murdered someone else.

The 'No Homo' series: A remarkable MacDennis series that explores how toxic masculinity interplays with internalized homophobia. . .just kidding it's Mac and Dennis fucking each other while trying to justify why it's not gay.

Rhonda Fights Gay Marriage and Denise Gets Divorced: Marriage goes to the forefront of everyone's minds when Rhonda runs into an old friend, Jaime, whose spouse is a woman. Rhonda sets out to save the institution; everyone else demonstrates why no one in the gang should go anywhere near a marriage certificate.

Dennis Reynolds: Power, Masochism, and the Nature of the Cumslut: "Kim, come here, I wrote you a three page treatise on why Dennis Reynolds is a cumslut."

Schrödinger's Kiss: If two guys kiss and no one talks about it, is it still gay?

after the last midtown show: Dennis and Mac kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, 1993.

Dennis Reynolds, Queerness, and Toxic Masculinity: My long-awaited dissertation on why Dennis Reynolds is good queer representation.

I've Become So Numb: Dennis writes self-insert fanfiction about "Dan Rynolds" banging Patrick Bateman.

i feel numb most of the time: On her worst days, the ideas other people have about Denise Reynolds are all that keep her tethered to the notion that she is actually here.

swear to god the devil made me do it: Dennis slid his hand over to Mac’s, and squeezed it tight. “We don’t need to talk about this or analyze it too much. Let’s just. . .keep quiet for the rest of the night. Allow the moment to be what it is." A series of short fics about Mac and Dennis.

Dennis Reynolds: Not Crazy, Misunderstood: After letting some possibly damning details slip about my personal life, I have decided to engage with them rather than trying to cover them up. Mystery lends itself to filling in the gaps with ridiculous things. It is time to tell my story - feel grateful, dear followers, that you get to read this before the publication of my autobiography: Dennis Reynolds: How One Man Blossomed into a God.
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