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it's our party: we can love who we want: GOB and Tony go to Pride.

Why Don't We Break the Rules Already?: When he moved downwards to blow GOB, the two long, thin scars revealed themselves, one on each thigh. Each extended from his crotch to his knee. It hadn’t occurred to Tony until this moment how “same” they might not be after all.

My Friends and I, We’ve Cracked the Code: GOB Bluth thinks he has all the answers after his encounter with Tony Wonder reveals to him that he’s gay. The answer is to be offensively flamboyant, and to have as much gay sex as possible to prove himself.

I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me: AU: GOB pays his dues to magic in his twenties by being Tony Wonder’s assistant. The rest is history. Multi-chaptered, currently incomplete.

Sinnerman, Where You Gonna Run To?: Maeby is on the run with her girlfriend from prison, Big Mamma. On their way to Las Vegas, they stop at a hotel for the night.

Some Nights I’m Scared You’ll Forget Me Again: Smoke curls inside GOB’s lungs, matching with the spiky feelings inside of him, like some bizarre Gothic Castle is growing in his heart. He’s sandwiched between something that’s telling him to stay and die a little older and the crushing force that follows him everywhere, telling him to run, telling him to drive fast and far, far away, telling him to fuck and smoke and gamble to escape the dark. - Character study: Bipolar GOB.

A Trick is Something a Whore Does For Money: Crossposted from the kink meme- GOB doesn’t just just drive the limo and do illusions for the entourage. He turns tricks as well.


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