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This is my masterpost of Community fic that I have written. I unfortunately orphaned some of the pornographic ones during a manic episode but they are all definitely mine!


Flip on a Switch and Everything's Fine: Abed wants Troy (his best friend) and Hilda (his girlfriend) to be friends. Neither of them like this one bit.

I Try and Just Kick It, But What Can I Do?: In which there are overnight astronomy field trips and Deep Questions that lead to a bisexual epiphany.

In Which Sex Pollen Made Them Do It: Troy and Abed roleplay a sex pollen scenario in the Dreamatorium.

Don’t Eat the Crab Dip: Abed’s nonchalant behavior in the face of competition is making Troy more than a little hot and bothered. In between school that day and the STD fair, Troy goes home to work off some steam in the shower. A fill in the blanks for The Politics of Human Sexuality.

No One Can Kill You if You Smile: The first time Troy runs into Abed, he’s in the ER with two dislocated shoulders. Abed wants his story. Episode remix of 4.12 (Heroic Origins).

we’ll put in a syncopation, and we’ll add a quarter note: Troy and Abed do a lot of weird things together, so it makes sense that the soundtrack of their life contains the most random music ever. And if most of those songs are from musicals-well, there are worse genres their life could be. Songfic Drabble Challenge: put an MP3 player on shuffle, and write for a half an hour to the songs that come up.

oh the snow, it sparkles so: It’s snowing in the early hours of the morning on the day that Troy gets married. Abed can’t quite figure out what it means. Part 1 of Snapshots of Life after Greendale. Companion piece to scioscribe’s Auteur Theory.

The Anecdote of Chasing the Location to Your Door: Troy and Abed see each other again years after graduation. Part 2 of Snapshots of Life after Greendale.

Whatever Happened to Tuesday and So Slow: 30 kisses for Troy and Abed. Currently incomplete.

Ok, Now I’m Really Mad: Post Paradigms of Human Memory Troy’s sexually frustrated from not touching himself all semester. Abed helps him out.

the place where you can still remember dreaming: Troy/Abed- Peter Pan Dreamatorium smut fusion. “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” J.M. Barrie. Written for Porn Battle 2013.

how the others must see the faker: In which Troy and Abed watch Freaky Friday and accidentally end up switching bodies for a day.Written for Yuletide 2012.

This Has Been: “A Stupid Thought I Had to Share with All of You”: In which the folks from Greendale are in the Kickpuncher fandom and it causes about as much trouble as you’d expect.

Let’s Go Film the Sex Scene: Troy and Abed film the Kickpuncher sex scene.

they slip away across the universe: Abed accidentally gets turned into a half ghost.

The Proposal: Abed proposes while they rewatch Star Wars. Part one of #TroyandAbedGettingMarried

Invitations: Abed and Troy invite people to the wedding. Part two of #TroyandAbedGettingMarried


It’s a Small World After All: The Study Group gets stuck on a ride at Disney World.

What If?: Prompt- Shirley, Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.

Advanced Felt Surrogacy: The truth of the matter was, they were silent because things had gone sour as they always had- in deeply weird and disturbingly sexual ways. Or: what if the reason everyone needed to open up in Intro to Felt Surrogacy was because they had all accidentally had an orgy in the woods.

the magic continues, and that’s good enough: Greendale is the crappiest wizarding school ever, but at least it’s all inclusive. These are some vignettes about Greendale and its students. Lengths, ships, and ratings will vary. Incomplete.

Studies in Contemporary Adulthood: Abed disassembles the Dreamatorium.

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