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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! I'm so excited that you've been matched with me for the Yule! This is my first time signing up for Yuletide proper, as I've only Pinch Hit before, and getting a gift sounds awesome! I hope my letter is informative enough for you to understand what my prompts are all about and to make writing it as fun for you as it will be for me to read it.

Likes: I love character studies to pieces. I love AU's and crossovers and fusions that really highlight parts of the characters that we don't usually see. I love comedy. If you make me laugh I'll love it, and if you throw in some dark comedy done well you get bonus points. I'm a sucker for unrequited and pining. I also love it when characters really get each other on some fundamental level, where each character in a relationship genuinely enjoys spending time with the other person. I also enjoy it when people explore the fucked up aspects of relationships, especially in a humorous way. I enjoy all sorts of porn, however I prefer that it's softcore if penises are involved. I'm 100% cool with open relationships, and in canons where characters are canonically portrayed as hypersexual it is aok and encouraged to continue portraying them that way after they're in a relationship.

Outside of jokes, no hardcore kinks (bondage, scat, watersports, noncon, omegaverse, bestiality, hard underage, cruelty). No healing cock. No overly explicit gore. No melodrama unless it's played for laughs.

Arrested Development
George Oscar 'Gob' Bluth, Tony Wonder
George Oscar 'Gob' Bluth/Tony Wonder
I will truly be happy with anything you come up with for these two. They have stolen my heart past the point of no return. However, what I want most out of a fic is a story where GOB explores his sexuality post Cinco de Cuatro, deciding he's flamingly gay, embracing every stereotype to the point of being offensive, and missing the mark because he's actually bisexual. I want GOB trying way too hard, sleeping around with lots of guys, dressing in swishy bright colors, just even outgaying Tony. But he knows that that's not quite right either, and eventually he and Tony figure themselves out together. Incorporation of the rest of the Bluth clan and their reactions (or non-reactions) to his outlandish behavior is encouraged but obviously not required. Double bonus points if this includes Steve Holt and Ann.

ETA (11/03/13): I have been considering writing this story for quite some time, so I have decided to start playing around with it on my own. Please feel free to keep doing your thing with the prompt if you are matched to me on Arrested Development, however keep in mind that if you do not feel comfortable writing a similar story to me, I would also be happy with any of the GOB/Tony prompts on here ( that also fit my likes that I list above, particularly the ones that I have prompted myself. Thank you!

Agents of Cracked
Michael Swaim (Agents of Cracked), Daniel O'Brien (Agents of Cracked)
Michael Swaim (Agents of Cracked)/Daniel O'Brien (Agents of Cracked)
This pairing is one of my OTPs for life. I love their twisted little relationship and how passionate it is. I would like post-canon fic, anything you can come up with. I've read some already, but I just can't get enough. Tell me your version of what Dan and Michael have been up to since flying off into the sunset in a hot air balloon, because I'm sure that it's been fucked up and awesome.

Let's Go to Prison
Characters: Barry (Let's Go to Prison), Nelson Biederman IV
Pairings: Barry (Let's Go to Prison)/Nelson Biederman IV
Prompts: I'm so sad that no fic for this pairing exists, because I think it's wonderful and sweet. Anything filling in their courtship in prison during the time where John is in solitary would be lovely. What is their first time like? How does Nelson come to fully realize he's in love? What's with the goatee? Goofy schmoop is encouraged, wrapped of course in a thin layer of dark humor.

Velvet Goldmine
Brian Slade, Curt Wild
Brian Slade/Curt Wild
This pairing is really interesting. I want to see more of it from Curt Wild's perspective- what being queer is like for him, what the relationship means to him, and whether he's in love with Brian or the idea of Brian. We know a lot more about Slade himself  while only being given tantalizing hints about Curt's very tumultuous life and how he expresses himself and his sexuality through creation and destruction. I would really like that expanded on.

You can do so much with this movie. I really love it; it's my favorite ever. What I want most is very little focus on the humans and a lot of focus put on the robots. How did WALL-E or EVE gain sentience? Why is Hello Dolly WALL-E's favorite thing? What is life like for WALL-E and EVE after they come back to earth? Seriously, as long as you do a lot of focus on WALL-E or EVE or them as a couple and what that's like for robots I'll be happy.

Thanks so much for writing for me!



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